Cable TV Digital Group Ltd

RVR and its associates are having all the required approvals and consents to provide Cable TV, ISP & VOIP and Broadcast services.

Cable TV Digital
an Electronic Entertainment and Media Group

RVR Infrastructures Ltd. is proud to introduce the MPEG4 Set-Top box for the first time in India. RVR Infrastructures is a pioneer in cable television industry in Andhra Pradesh. Abreast with the latest technologies, the Company has capitulated in a very fast growing market. When our cable subscribers were celebrating the entry into the twenty-first century, our endless efforts were put in to bring the world best technologies ensuring next-generation television experience. We have joined hands with the world’s best companies to bring Digital TV and provided set top box to the end user to bring the twenty first century to their screen.

Digital Cable TV

Through world-class technological support, and a fully upgraded digital infrastructure, GROUP offers digital cable television signals to its subscribers. It offers over 150 channels, with more variety and choice with a mix of popular channels ranging from general entertainment, sports, news, movies, and music. The digital signals are provided in MPEG 2 format in standard definition; however, the infrastructure is technologically ready to transmit high definition (HD) signals as well.

Digital Cable TV Network

In the digital cable TV, GROUP utilizes resources to build a next generation hybrid digital head-end which can be used to generate:

  • DVB-C digital cable TV signals
  • Analogue CATV with the digital simulcast solution
  • IPTV for future deployment

The diagram below shows the digital TV network infrastructure of GROUP