RVR Net Provides Such Fast Broadband Internet

RVR Net provides such fast broadband Internet connectivity to residential and corporate customers that it feels.

an Electronic Entertainment and Media Group

RVR GROUP provides pre-paid, wired Ethernet with broadband speed to its Internet customers. The Internet access is offered through fibre-optic or copper twisted pair, and the bandwidth conforms to standard Ethernet data rates of up to 10 GB. The company’s client list includes corporates, government offices, resellers and household customers. In the ongoing expansion plans, GROUP has started providing extensive amount of content and an array of services to its customers via the intranet so that the consumers have faster speeds and internet bandwidth is saved. It is also in the process of partnering with various companies to provide innovative solutions like e-ticketing and e-governance solutions.

Intranet Services

RVR GROUP provides data hosting and distribution services which are customizable as per organizations’ requirements. These services let proprietary customer data to be hosted at the secure GROUP facility in Madhapur or at customer’s facility at GROUP. Data can also be mirrored to a second backup facility to provide a higher level of reliability and redundancy.

RVR GROUP intranet services offer location independence. Customers can use the GROUP facility as the first phase of their deployment, with a subsequent transition to their own facilities at a later time. This approach provides quick operational readiness while also providing a migration path permitting the customer to have complete control over hosting and management of archive.

Gaming Hosted Services

RVR GROUP provides servers and system storage for hosting services to its clients in online gaming industry.

Application Hosted Services

RVR GROUP’s application hosting services provide ERP and CRM supported by:

  • State-of-the-art technology environment
  • Manage operating systems, as well as hardware and other software
  • Operations management services
  • Secure / private intranet services
  • Point to point and point to multipoint secure/private intranet services

Managed Services

RVR GROUP provides the following managed services:

  • Building management services
  • Hosted PBX services
  • Managed video services